The Benchbuddy™ Hookless Shower Curtain

The Hookless® BenchBuddy™ Shower Curtain

More than just a bunch of words.

Prior to the introduction of the Hookless® Benchbuddy™ Shower Curtain, no shower curtain product solved the problem of keeping water off of the bathroom floor when a tub transfer bench was being utilized.  And to make matters worse, if you were using a tub transfer bench one could assume that there was already a preexisting condition that made safety in the bathroom a more critical issue.


With a minor adjustment to the design of our patented Hookless® shower curtain, two vertical slits built into the lower portion of the shower curtain enable the curtain to now remain fully inside the tub.  By keeping water off the floor and providing for less than 10 second attachment and removal, we have created a much safer and convenient environment.

  • Hangs in seconds with “flex-on” rings.  No hooks necessary
  • Keeps water off the floor when using a tub transfer bench
  • Drastically reduces the risk of slip and fall accidents
  • Compatible with any tub transfer bench

Product Features

“Flex-On” Rings

The patented “flex-on” rings allows you to hang the curtain in seconds.  No hooks necessary.  And, the curtain glides effortlessly across the shower rod with minimal noise.



Product Description:  100% polyester plainweave pattern, water repellent, ultrasonic bottom hem, magnets, no liner required, launderable, quick dry


Item number and sizes:

OHBH40TB01 Simplicity White 71 x72″

OHBH40TB05 Simplicity Beige 71 x72″

whitaker beige small


Product Description:  100% polyester rectangular jacquard pattern, water repellent, ultrasonic bottom hem, magnets, no liner required, sheer voile window allows extra light into the enclosure, launderable, quick dry


imtem number and sizes

OHBH43TBM01 Whitaker White 71 x 72″

OHBH43TBM05 Whitaker Beige 71 x 72″