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Latest Projects


~ Our commitment to providing a safe environment has no bounds.

We are always passionate about providing a comfortable and safe environment for patients, especially pediatric patients and their families. Partnering with Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital was an honor. The facility chose a unique custom pattern for all of the new patient rooms, with their young patients in mind. In addition, the environmental services department already sees operational improvements by using On The Right Track® cubicle track system.

on the right track curtains; children's hospital in california;

UCI Medical Center joins other facilities on the move towards recyclable/ disposable cubicle curtains

The University of California, Irvine Medical Center was impressed by the On The Right Track®‘s innovation with disposable/recyclable cubicle curtains. They converted the 86 bed ICU to our system and used our beautiful Boxed leaf pattern. Another successful project and we have more to come… 


 ~ Catskill Regional Medical Center converts to recyclable curtains

Our company adds Catskill Regional Medical Center (CRMC) on its roster of successfully completed conversion to On The Right Track®. CRMC converted the entire facility to Holistipure® Disposable/Recyclable cubicle curtains. This migration was decided by the Infection Control team partnering with Environmental Services to meet the routine changeouts required by an evolving policy covering cubicle curtains.  As the Director of Environmental Services told us, “the move to disposables is primarily to prevent HAI’s (Hospital Acquired Infections) and to prevent any Infection Control concerns that arise with textile curtains.  To be able to offer a brand new, out of the box curtain for new admits to the hospital, significantly reduces cross-contamination from the patient that previously inhabited that room.  It’s the same idea as for why we use paper towels in restrooms as opposed to cloth towels.  It is single use and doesn’t incur the cost of laundering as well.” 

disposable recyclable cubicle curtains, holistipure, cubicle curtains, boxed leaf cubicle curtains

~ Stamford Hospital chooses disposables

Stamford Health designed a new campus that would enhance the community and eliminate all textile curtains in the facility. The 305-bed hospital put an emphasis on going green and added Holistipure® to the list of “must haves”. They put up 100% polypropylene cubicle and shower curtains. This facility is setting the example for the future of healthcare.

~ Eastern Maine Medical Center partners with OTRT

Eastern Maine Medical Center made On The Right Track® part of its modernization project. The facility converted to textile curtains using OTRT technology.  The plan was to adapt emerging technology in the hospital and they included the OTRT solution as their answer to increase patient throughput and decrease HAIs. Below is an image of the facility with their new curtains showing a neat and clean environment.

~Healthcare Design Magazine

On The Right Track’s patented track and Disposable Recyclable curtains were prominently featured in The Institute for Patient-Center Design second annual Patient Experience NICU Simulation Lab at the 2016 Healthcare Design Conference.  Our cubicle curtain system received great reviews in the exhibit that gave attendees an opportunity to see what design choices many facilities are making to promote privacy, safety and family-centered care.

disposable cubicle curtains at Health Care Design Convention


OTRT Cubicle Curtains are at the forefront of the new trend that caters to elderly patients with improved, personalized healthcare.

~New York Times

Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan has joined a number of medical centers around the country in creating a special emergency room for geriatric patients, including OTRT cubicle curtains.

~New York Post

Infections acquired during hospital stays are scary and growing. This article discusses various ways to reduce the spread of deadly infection.